With a rich history and close ties to the salt industry, there are plenty of heritage attractions to explore in Northwich.

Pop into Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse to learn how Northwich became the town it is today. Visit the feat of engineering that is the Anderton Boat Lift. Or meander through the characterful streets and check out the famous Bull Ring.

We’re also extremely proud of the Lion Salt Works based on the outskirts of Northwich. After undergoing a multi-million pound restoration, it is now one of the top heritage attractions in the North West.

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St Helen’s Church

St Helen’s Parish Church is the oldest and most historic building in Northwich. Grade 1 listed, it dates back to the middle of the 14th century and has been the focus of the local community for over 600 years. Special Features Inside, visitors will find a wonderful...

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The History of Northwich

The history of Northwich is rich and varied which is closely tied to the salt industry. Salt has helped shaped the town visitors see today. There is plenty of evidence suggesting that the Romans extracted salt in the area through brine springs. Salt of course was an...

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Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse

Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse is the place to go to learn about the history of Northwich and West Cheshire. Stories are told through a range of displays, films, models, reconstructions and artefacts, with fascinating heritage at every turn. Learn about local...

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Northwich Library

Take a walk through Northwich town centre and you will soon come across the charming Brunner public library on Witton Street. The library is enjoyed by both children and adults and is used for a huge range of events. The building itself oozes character and comes with...

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Visiting the Lion Salt Works

Restored at a cost of over £10 million, the Lion Salt Works tells the tale of the country’s last open-pan salt making site. It only opened to the public in June 2015 but is regarded as one of the best museums in Cheshire. Thousands of visitors flock to Northwich every...

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The Anderton Boat Lift

The Anderton Boat Lift is situated near the popular market town of Northwich, in the charming village of Anderton. Once you’ve visited this iconic piece of engineering, you will understand why it earned its nickname, “Cathedral of the Canals.” The History of the Boat...

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