Shops in Northwich

There are a great range of shops in Northwich so you’re sure to be able to find exactly what you’re looking for here in the town.

Independent retailers in Northwich Town Centre

Whether you need to do your weekly food shop or you’re on the lookout for a bespoke gift for a friend or family member, Northwich has countless brands and independents just waiting to be discovered.

Northwich also plays host to a number of markets throughout the year. These offer artisan and custom items that you normally wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.


Northwich boasts a variety of major national retailers, ensuring that the town easily caters for every want and need.

We have an almost unrivalled amount of leading supermarkets for a town the size of Northwich. This ensures you have many choices depending on taste, preference and budget; they’re easily accessible too.

The town is also brimming with leading cosmetic companies, banks, fashion retailers and household high street names. This means you can always find exactly what you’re looking for in the town.


Shopping is not just about the big brands though. Independent shops, traders and companies are the lifeblood of town centres too.

Fortunately Northwich is packed with a vast array of these, selling unique, rare and often handmade items.

The current number of independent shops in Northwich surpasses the 100 mark. With further investments and developments coming to the town over the coming months and years, that figure is only going to increase.

To see a full list of Shops in Northwich make sure you head over to the ‘Find a Business’ section on the Visit Northwich Website.


We’re also incredibly lucky here in Northwich to have a wide variety of professional services on our doorstep.

The town is full of well respected solicitors, financial advisors, estate agents, barbers and hairdressers to name just a few. Whatever your need or issue, Northwich has the answer!

Many of these businesses are family run with local people working hard to ensure a friendly, conscientious and professional service is delivered at all times. Don’t forget to check out the ‘Find a Business’ section on Visit Northwich to find whatever you’re looking for.


The people of Northwich are also fortunate enough to be able to browse and peruse a number of markets which come to the town throughout the year.

On the second Saturday of every month the Artisan Market sets its stall out in the town centre. This offers a range of locally produced goods made right here in the North West. You’ll be amazed at the diversity of the products you can find.

The same can be said of the Northwich Teenage Market which takes place 3-4 times a year.

Local teenagers sell products they’ve crafted or created themselves including jewellery, paintings, food and homeware while a range of singers and bands perform. It’s always a brilliant event that allows youngsters to really make a name for themselves.

As well as all this, Northwich has both a spacious retail market hall and a traditional outdoor covered market. Both are as popular as ever, and comprise nearly 60 specialist shops and stalls all offering a vast array of trades catering for all needs and tastes.

For more information about all of the above, check out the Visit Northwich Website.

Waitrose supermarket in Northwich
Bratts independent department store in Northwich
Sainsbury's in Northwich
Independent letting agent Temples in Northwich's Bull Ring
Independent solicitors mosshaselhurst in Northwich
Beautiful display at the Northwich Artisan Market