Firthfield Pet Store

Firthfield Pet Store
66 Witton Street, Northwich, Northwich, Cheshire, CW9 5AE


We are a traditional family run and independent pet store which has been trading for over 53 years . We offer a wide range of stock items for most pets including ; bedding , specialized foods for dogs and cats, specialized treats to suit allergic animals , cages for birds and small animals, dog collars and harnesses , dog car harnesses , haties , lupis , dogmatics , bull terriers’ harrnesses, cat leads and harnesses , rabbit leads and harnesses , a range of pet carriers , a range of dog crates , cat litter trays, cat loos, rabbit loos, flea treatments , raw hide chews , munchies chews, liver jerky, beef jerky, chicken sticks , beef sticks , natural sausages , black pudding sticks , tripe sticks , salmon treats , turkey treats , chicken treats , roast bones , dino bones , deep filled bones , paddy wack , pig ears , worming treatments , tick treatments , shampoo and conditioners for dogs and cats toys , seeds and food for most animals and birds , frozen foods , live food for reptiles and conditioners etc, cat flaps, dog doors, wild bird feeders , cage bird feeders , cat scratchers , sawdust , hay, vivarium substrates , budgie treats , cockatiel treats , parakeet treats , parrot treats , budgie toys , cockatiel toys , parrot toys , squeaky dog toys , soft toys , kong dog toys , hamster wheels , hamster balls , rabbit / chinchilla /degus gnaw logs , rabbit toys, rabbit hutches , guinea pigs hamster cages , rat cages , mouse cages and other equipment . Along with fish foods , fish treatments , fish plants and fish treatments, fish breeding traps , fish tanks , fish tank hoods , and glass fish bowls and filters, and heaterstats for most sizes of tanks or vivariums, snake / reptile hides and heat bulbs. We also sell an extensive range of livestock including ; rabbits , guinea pigs , dwarf and syrian hamsters , lizards, tortoises and snakes, cold water and tropical fish , cockatiels , budgies , canaries and finches . We buy most of our animals from local breeders therefore lessening the risk of infection and disease occurring. To complement our pet range , we also offer an expert dog grooming and trimming service for most breeds. Please check out our website at ;

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