There are a lot of excellent places to eat and drink in Northwich, making it a superb location for socialising. Northwich Town Centre has an option for every occasion, providing a tailored experience to cover every culinary taste and preference. You’re sure to find somewhere to eat and drink that suits your taste!

Whether you’re meeting friends for lunch in one of Northwich’s Café’s, having coffee with clients or  nipping for a drink with a loved in one of Northwich’s fantastic Pubs, Northwich has breakfast, lunch and dinner covered with effortless ease.

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Drop in for a coffee, relax over afternoon tea or even indulge yourself in a takeaway, there are many options depending on your timescales and preference.

Boasting a collection of national chains with a burgeoning mix of cafes, you’re really spoilt for choice here in Northwich.

If you’re just after a drink however don’t feel left out; the town possesses numerous pubs and bars serving drinks from all around the world, so come and wet your whistle with us!

More information about the selection of Cafe’s, Pubs and Restaurants in Northwich.